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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Day of Pure Bliss

Secret #1
We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
                                                                                                                           Joseph Campbell

Our day started at 5:30 a.m. this morning.  A rogue cell phone alarm clock screamed a snappy tune while I was still deep in my dream state. And joy of all joy, it has an automatic snooze button so there is no escape except to physically go to the living room and shut the darn thing off.  Good thing Becky got there first or the offensive smart phone could have found itself damaged beyond repair. If the dog gone thing was so smart (smart phone my foot) it would have known it was a holiday and we get to sleep in. Half a pot of coffee later, I'm finally coming back to the land of the living.  Becky prepared us a lovely energy shake for breakfast.  Due to the holidays, she has a few days off work.
A couple of months ago, Becky decided to learn to cook and blog about it (Becky Cooks Lightly).  Having a second cook in the house is the best thing ever.  I am eating healthier than any other time in my life not to mention how great the food is. 

For Christmas, Becky gave me a cleaver little solar powered rainbow maker from Amazon.com. The small device is attached to a window by a simple suction cup. Why didn't I think of that? Anyway, we lounged in the converted garage/garden room enjoying the play of colors all around the room and reading real books made of real paper.  Of course Maggie Mae (d.o.g.) and Molly (c.a.t.) joined us.  Sophie (c.a.t. #2) was banished to the back half of the house because she has developed a nasty attitude toward her adopted sisters.  She seems to have forgotten that she too was someones'  throw away before she landed in the lap of luxury at our home. Izzie (c.a.t.#1), Grabby Britches (c.a.t. last but not least) and the two wieners (d.o.g.s.) just hung out doing whatever happy pets do.
Maggie Mae and Molly
We share our home with three dogs, four cats, a fish and a lovebird that has outlived several of our other pets who all died from natural causes (doesn't make it any less traumatizing). I will share their individual rescue stories with you a little at a time.  Don't want to sound like one of those crazed people who go on and on about their animals, but I am.

Lunch was unbelievable!  The salad Becky prepared was so delicious and absolutely beautiful to behold. We reheated the spiral cut ham that guardian angel Gene gave Becky for Christmas.
 The weather is unusually warm and sunny for a winter's day in Oklahoma.  Even the bees have come out of their hive which is located in the hollow limb of a huge silver leaf maple tree ten feet from the front door. We all live in harmony having agreed "do no harm" works both ways. Heaven on earth. Pure bliss.

After lunch, Maggie Mae was repeatedly going to the front door.  Oh yeah, time to drive up to the road to check the mailbox.  Yes, we drive to the mailbox, it's not like it's 15 feet away!  There is a five acre track of land that separates us from the rest of humanity.  Mags lives for this part of the day.  Sometimes we take a drive around our neighborhood singing "driving around Maggie's neighborhood, oh what a beautiful day it is."  Yeah, I am more than a  little eccentric but that's o.k. because I want to be a whole lot eccentric.  While Mags and I are out touring the sites of Keefeton, America, Becky is once again in the kitchen.  This time she is baking chocolate zucchini bread.  What a blessing to have a daughter that loves to cook!  Joy! Joy! Joy!
Life in the country is grand

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