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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Storms of Life

Secret #2
It is easy enough to be pleasant,
    When life flows by like a song,
But the (wo)man worthwhile is one who will smile,
    When everything goes dead wrong.
                      Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Ever had one of those days when you just want to crawl under the bed and hide until the storms of life pass by?  Who hasn't you say?  How you deal with adversity separates the wheat from the chaff.  I would love to say that I am wheat all the time but the brutal truth is:  sometimes I'm chaff.  Sometimes it's just hard being a worthwhile person.  

Today started with a nasty little surprise for us.  I was startled awake at 5:30 something a.m.  I glanced toward my digital clock to see what time it was.  Hum, no clock.  Sophie(c.a.t.) must have knocked it off in the night.  Oh, well, no sweat.  I'll just get up and visit bathroom before I resume my beauty sleep.  Turning toward my bedroom door I expected to see my little night light glowing in the hallway.  No light.  Now I am totally confused!  Women of a certain age like me, need light and bathrooms. Telling Sophie to stay in our bed (the last thing I need is a cat ankle bracelet as I stumble around in the dark) I feel my way to the last known location of my bedroom door. Slowly the awful truth is dawning on me.  It can't be! No! No way!  NO ELECTRIC!  Have I called down my worst nightmare by blogging about it yesterday?
Sophie looking for trouble and usually finding it.
O.K. O.K. I can do this.  All the emergency stuff is not quite where it is suppose to be and why should it be. It was so warm yesterday all thoughts of winter preparation simply disappeared from my mind.  Desperately needing coffee, I realize the propane Coleman Camp Stove is out in the barn.  That place is scary in the daylight much less while it is still dark and storming.  No thank you, I'll just pout and be cranky.  Caffeine withdrawal can be an ugly thing.

Called electric company and was very politely informed that their crews were working on the problem and the power would be restored as soon as possible.  Within an hour the power was back on and everything was good in my world.

And then:
Becky says,"Mum, I don't want to alarm you but your computer won't turn on."  Alarm me, alarm me!  I wilt like spinach in a hot pan.  Not my computer. Please, please, please. Not my computer. After an hour of following all the instructions on the help page, I surrender in utter despair.  Picking up my phone, a call is placed to Best Buy in Muskogee.  I explain the situation to them, and I am told to bring it in.

Carefully loading my baby in the car, I speed away.  Upon arriving at Best Buy, the sick computer is carried into the store.  I place my precious cargo on the counter and tell the young men "this black box is holding all my memories hostage and I need help."  Young man #1 says, "You're the lady that called aren't you?" Glad to know I leave an impression on people even on the phone.  Thank goodness, all my baby needs is a power supply box.  I can't explain all the whys and wherefores about the situation because they were talking "geek speak".  I asked about the English version but didn't even understand that.  I happily pay the bill and bring my baby home.

After such a stressful day, the only cure for my pain is a strawberry frosty from Wendy's and a good long nap. 

I hope that I handled today's problems with grace and dignity. Clearly, my life did not flow like a song today.

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