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Monday, February 7, 2011

Deja Vu

There is a destiny that makes us brothers:
none goes his way alone,
All that we send into the lives of others
comes back into our own.
~Edwin Markham

Deja Vu--the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before
It's snowing again! Not much, but we have five to ten inches more coming Tuesday night and Wednesday.  I don't know who hacked off Mother Nature but they need to say "sorry".  Karma, I'm telling you, Karma.

Becky said it sleeted on her going to work today.  The roads in her destination county were much better than the roads she had to travel in Muskogee County.  What's up with that? 

After hearing about the frenzy this weekend to buy bread at the local stores, I will spend the day baking bread, dog biscuits and anything else to make life more comfortable during the upcoming snow event.  I refuse to participate in the snatch and grab nonsense at the stores when I can very easily enjoy making it at home.  It's part of the Simple Living Code of Honor:     
Do No Harm (this includes pushing other people for a loaf of bread).  

It makes me wonder what would happen if we had a real food shortage!  Strange times, I'm telling you!  Strange times!  We desperately need to get back to the basics of our ancestors when it comes to food.  Now is the time to learn to plant, grow and harvest our own food before a real crisis occurs.  Preserving that harvest without harsh and dangerous chemical additives will not only prolong our lives but will also provide us with a strong, healthy earthly temple.
Home Canning is just one method of food preservation.

There are dozens of books to help you not to mention the Internet.
If you think I'm overreacting, try reading the labels on some of your store bought food.  I couldn't  pronounce half the stuff in it and didn't have a clue what the stuff was!  If a stranger gave you a bowl of food and you didn't know what was in it, would you eat it? (Stranger Danger Alert) Well, that is exactly what most of the uninformed public are doing!  I'm not playing Russian roulette with my life, thank you very much! 

Well, it's time to leave you for now.  There is much to do today.  Hope I have given you some things to think about and maybe you will make some life-style changes that will save your life.

As she has planted,
so does she harvest;
such is the field of karma. 
~Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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