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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oklahoma Blizzard 2011

 What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the master calls a butterfly.
 Richard Bach

We survived the history making 2011 blizzard here in Oklahoma.  Now it is just snowing and snowing and snowing!  Our driveway has been graded twice by really good neighbors and we still can't get out!  It has disappeared under the frozen tundra that defies explanation even for Oklahoma weather patterns.
Note to self:  Before next winter arrives, buy a four wheel drive pick up truck.  All the cool people have one.

The power stayed on, Thank You Jesus.  Our neighbors and family have  been calling to check on us to see if we need anything.  I love living in the country in Oklahoma (except when we can't escape).  The  simple truth is: people really care about each other. 

Here are a few pics I took this morning when the snow started to fall again:
Southwest View from front porch.

Northwest view from back porch.

Doggie runway .

Looking East from front porch.

This afternoon Becky made snow ice cream so we snapped a few more pics when she went out:
Becky gathers clean snow for ice cream.

Sophie is planning an escape if it ever stops snowing.

Won't be needing these lawn chairs anytime soon.
I know the snow will stop sooner or later because the world doesn't end in a snow-ma-geddon.  This is just a wake up call to let us know we are living in strange times.  The weather man says more stuff falling from the sky on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Note to self:  Read Matthew 24 again to make sure world doesn't end in ice and refresh my memory on signs of the end times.

Simple Living is all about making do with  what you have.  So, I must pose a question here.  Does anyone have a homemade recipe for toilet paper?  We had a case ordered to be delivered on Wednesday to our home.  Guess what?  It didn't make it.

My sister, Joyce, tells me that we must look on the positive side of things.  The groundhog did not see it's shadow so we are going to have an early spring.  I was feeling a little grumpy so I replied, "yeah, but he doesn't live in Oklahoma."
P.S. I wrote this Friday but the Internet connection was so slow that I fell asleep before I could post it.

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