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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Workshop

The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest,
for he has not earned it.
John Lubbock
Hi Ya'll.  Don't think I have been idle just because I haven't posted for a couple of days.  Let me give you a snapshot of what's been going on.

Moved furniture in every room trying to reorganize (hate it when stuff just falls on me when I walk by. a sure sign of too much stuff that is just stuff with no real purpose).  I am buying a  small chest type freezer (it has a purpose) to store our homegrown veggies in.  In a small home, to move one thing, you have to move everything!  I cooked and froze potatoes, onions and homemade dog treats so the  freezer on the fridge is full and I still have other things to put up.
Becky created this lovely vegetarian pizza.
I supplied the homegrown veggies for it.
Look for this upcoming recipe on Becky Cooks Lightly.
Pushka went missing for two days.  I was so upset!
Becky drove all over the neighborhood searching!
He finally came home all skinny and remorseful.
Yesterday, I had to go into Muskogee (ya'll know how bad I hate that).  I stopped at the feedstore for dog food for the boys and a flea collar for Gypsy.  
K-Mart for tons of pet and household supplies.  Pedigree can dog food was on sale for .65 but they only had 23 cans in store (like that's going to last long around here) so I got a rain cheque for 4 cases. Yes, you can do that. Just ask. (Also, the other night I stopped at a drive through Mexican Food place and when I got home part of my order was missing.  Called them to voice my frustration. Yes, you can do that.  Got rain cheque  for free platter plus my 3 missing cheesecake items. Told you not to make me mad)
Then I was off to Sav-A-Lot to restock our pantry.
Can vegetables will do until I can preserve our own.
Nothing taste as wonderful as fresh garden veggies.
But today is a new day and I have much to do before it becomes fry your brains hot.  A storm blew through last night and took out the greenhouse.  The plants are still fine but the covering is tattered and torn.  Oh, well.  I'll just fix it.  No time to get into mischief around here. There is always plenty of work to do in the country.  Those who say the country is relaxing, obviously don't live there.  
Greenhouse with a sunroof?

You put it up, the storms take it down!

Red, Green and Yellow Bell Peppers,
Eggplant and Zucchini Squash  ready for planting.
No, it is not too late.  Why not? Because I said so.
The onions hanging in background were a gift from a neighbor. 

 Nothing good comes from boredom. It's said that idle hands are the devil's workshop, an old saying dating at least as far back as Chaucer in the twelfth century who called idle hands the devil's tools. (can't argue with that logic)

Some parts of my yard require a push mower (inside the greenhouse for instance).  However; my push mower had to go home with Brother Dave for some rest and relaxation. I fouled (fowled?) out the plug he said.  Now, wait a minute! I fouled out the plug sounds like an accusation to me.  I don't even know what that means but I must have done something wrong (imagine that).  Did I hit it, spit on it, leave it out in the rain, use it too much? What? What did I do wrong?  And why is it always my fault?  Everyone knows stuff just happens! 
O.K. All the plants are back in place now.

The greenhouse is now an open air market!  Stuff Happens, ya'll!
The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude. ~
share this Busy saying     Voltaire
Read more: http://www.finestquotes.com/quote_with-keyword-Busy-page-0.htm#ixzz1PMWh7Xkk

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