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Monday, May 23, 2011

Everyone has a price - mine is chocolate.

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... It's about learning how to dance in the rain.  ("with chocolate") 
 Vivian Greene quotes 

Good Morning from Harmony Acres!  The sun has decided to play hide and seek with us this morning.  We are in that icky drying out stage, again.  It has rained so much that the ground cannot hold any more water and nothing will drain in the house (getting more than a little tired of this).  My yard looks like a jungle and there is nothing I can do about it. But there are still many things that I can do today.

I cooked fish last night (getting more than a little tired of this, too) so the house has that disgusting lingering smell.  Need a smell good fix quick so I go to Becky's site and grab a recipe for Homemade Simmering Orange Potpourri.  That smells really nice.
This smells heavenly (much better than fish).
While I was at her site, I also looked at the really cute free apron patterns she has listed.  I may have to dig out my sewing machine and try one (I am a mini-hoarder, so I have plenty of material somewhere).  I love aprons!

The dogs are all mad at me because we are out of dog biscuits.  Once again, I connect to Becky Cooks Lightly and find a dog treat recipe (she has a lot of cool stuff there.  not just recipes). 
Maggie and the Wieners love these.
I am still somewhat limited by my ankle surgery but really need groceries (funny how I always have the stuff to make dog treats but can't find a piece of sandwich bread in the house).  However, a trip to Wal Mart with people crashing their carts into my sore ankle is just not something I can wrap my head around at this time. Becky says we are just fine (she likes yucky fish and doesn't care if we don't have meat; I don't consider fish real meat) but I think not! 

I have no candy, chips, soda pop, buttery popcorn or any other calorie laden heart stopping good stuff!  I'm going into withdrawal ya'll.  A couple of more days of this and there won't be anything left of me but bad hair, bad ankle, and bad attitude. Somebody (anybody) drive by and throw me a couple of candy bars!!!!  Save me!!!

My first chore of each day is to release the pups from  their overnight pen.  I have come to dread this because they are untrained (I call them the goon squad) blue heelers.  This is my fault entirely. Yes, that is correct.  They drive the cattle (or in my case, the people) by biting at the heels (or in my case, my sore ankle). They have grown so much that I can hardly stand up when they jump on me. 
Mischief and Pickles just waiting to jump me!
Their way of saying "hello, mom, we love you".
Update on grocery situation:
I found 5 boneless chicken fillets hidden in the freezer.  This will make two meals for us.  Tomorrow I will make chicken and dumplings but today we will have a feast.  Marinate half of the chicken fillets, pulled a few green tomatoes from my half price tomato plant (fried green tomatoes) and instant red mashed potatoes.  Then I have the ingredients for homemade garlic cheese biscuits.  O.K. it ain't five star rated but it is good enough!

Chocolate is the answer.  Who cares what the question is.
  ~Author Unknown

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