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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Meditation Garden For Becky

Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are
 ~Chinese Proverb

I had such high expectations this week of completing several projects.  The most important one was a meditation garden for Becky.  She is in California this week and I wanted to surprise her.  However, that was not to be.  But I got a pretty impressive start on it.  Her favorite color is pink so I chose pink calla lilies and rose quartz pebbles (pink of course)  for a decorative touch.  Hostas give the garden a cool, serene feeling.  The frog fountain water feature adds just the right touch to bring balance.  Her secret place; embraced by the healing touch of the willow tree she planted many years ago. 
Step One:  Find the perfect place and visualize.
Step Two:  Get shovel, donkey pooh and allergy medicine.
Step Three:  Lay it out and make adjustments.
Step Four:  Place plants into the soil and top with rose quartz.
Step Five:  Take pill for backache.
Step Six: Go back to Lowe's.
When I started the project, I had plenty of plants and quartz.  Then it grew and grew and grew.  So I ended up with half of what I needed.  Oh, well.  Another trip to Lowe's will be just fine (rather shop there than the mall).  I still need cushions for the seating and another round of plants and stuff.  I can't wait till she sees it!  I can almost see her sitting there writing in her journal.  New poems to write. New stories to tell.  A peaceful place to meditate and dream (very Zen).  Wind chimes fill the air with soothing sounds and birds add the sweet sound of peace.  Butterflies flutter by seeking the fulfillment given only  by a beautiful garden.
Harmony acres can't wait to welcome you home.
Love ya, Beck.
A place to think and write and embrace nature.
A place where the soul can heal.
"There's nothing more spiritual than watching what you've planted in the ground.  You plant it, you nurture it, and God provides the sun and the rain and helps it to grow.  You see the absolute mystery in what God has given to us in growing things ... also the absolute beauty.  There's beauty in the simplest of things --the flowers or the bark of a tree.  Sometimes it behooves us to stop and look."
-  Sister Christine, Natural Spirituality

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