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Monday, May 2, 2011

Nature's Music.......rain

When we pay attention to nature’s music, we find that everything on the earth contributes to its harmony.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Guess what? It's raining!  It has rained for two days! Again!  I can choose to look at the situation as a monsoon or as nature's music (the title says it all, doesn't it?)  To me the sun always shines on Harmony Acres even when nature's music comes in the form of rain. 

It's been a busy three days.  So let me share:
An overabundance of Honeysuckle fills the air with a heavenly fragrance.
Let me start with last Friday.
After the usual dogs in, dogs out, other dogs out, feed cats and gallons of coffee, I mowed (got stuck in the mud again) parts of the yard. The reason only parts of the yard got mowed was because gasoline is now $3.90 a gallon.  Still, to deter snakes and spiders and other creepy, crawly things, I mowed around the house and barn.(and the lateral lines were mowed; hoping to promote drainage in house)  This is the way it worked:  mow, sneeze (tree pollen), mow, sneeze (tree pollen), mow, sneeze (tree pollen & honeysuckle?)!
The serene beauty of old-fashioned Iris plants can be seen throughout Harmony Acres.

Anyway, now let's get to the fun part!  My peach trees that I planted  on March 29th of this year, each have a golf ball size baby peach.  I ran to get my camera because I was so....excited!  Hooray!  Now that's progress!  I couldn't wait to see my friend Orchard John to tell him (he laughed at my enthusiasm over such a simple thing)!
Harmony's first peach!
My neighbor, Willis, trimmed (chainsaw required) out the brush around our pear tree.  The tree was already here when we moved onto the property 18 years ago but it never produced anything.  Just look at it now!
Our Pear tree is loaded with baby pears for the first time.
With all of the rain, we have accumulated quit a collection of shoes on the front porch.  Wear one pair while the others dry you know.
Pushka says "good grief, I can't even get to my bed! (flag pillow)
How many pairs of shoes do you need?"
Joyce, this ones for you.  The pineapple sage you saved for me is doing great!  I plan to repot it today.
Pineapple Sage herb has many uses including tea.
Saturday and Sunday I worked at the store.  Time just flies when I'm there.  Get to see all my rowdy friends.  Now it's time to start a new week with sunshine in the forecast.  Thank you, Lord.

With the damp cool weather, it is a perfect day for a Simple Living food staple:  brown beans.  I will put a pot of beans on to cook (extra heat in the house) add ham (left over from Easter), cook fried potatoes (cheap) and top it off with good old Southern Style Sweet Cornbread.  It doesn't get any better than that.
America is a tune.  It must be sung together. 
Gerald Stanley Lee, Crowds

Justice has been done!

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