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Monday, January 17, 2011

Find The Hidden Object

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein

I love playing hidden object games on my computer. However, playing it in real life is not so much fun.  Where are my glasses?  Where are my car keys?  Where are my favorite shoes?  Where.....well you get the idea.  Today we are going to play:  Where is the treadmill?  You may be asking yourself, how can she lose a treadmill?  I show you exhibit A:
Can you find the hidden treadmill in this picture?
There are two ways that I can approach this mission (I choose the word mission as opposed to problem because the latter would indicate there is something wrong here.  I think every good treadmill should serve a dual purpose. One:  extra storage space  Two:  extra storage space.  Becky disagrees).  Anyway, back to the mission.  Approach #1--just pile all the "stuff" somewhere else to be moved again when it is on something else we need or Approach #2--find a proper place for all the "stuff" and move it once.  I am terribly conflicted!  After careful thought, I decide to do the right thing because it is in the garden room that I so enjoy. 

Clearly this is not as easy as one would imagine!  I know that I threw away a train load of junk so where did all this come from?  Apparently, this stuff was declared "not junk".  What was I thinking?  O.K. now I must once again purge before the project even gets started.  I'm beginning to really dislike my clutter.  First we sort:
This is not junk this time either!

Becky's exercise stuff.  My yoga mat is the "like new" green one

Two hours later, I have finally located the missing treadmill, and my glasses, and my shoes and lots of other stuff. Sometimes it feels like my entire house is the lost and found counter at the mall. 

 Becky will be soooo happy!  You didn't think I would do all that for me did you?  A lot of the stuff now has a place to call it's own.  Unfortunately, some of the stuff got piled up again. Shoot, shoot, shoot!
I win the game! I have found the hidden treadmill!
I don't have the strength left to turn the treadmill around in the other direction today.  Maybe, after a little rest, I will be able to drag it around to face in the opposite direction so Beck can look out the window while she runs.  Speaking of run, it's time to start dinner preparation and carry out the trash (remember, way up the road, seems like to another time zone).  Out of one pile of clutter, I have found simplicity.  At least for one day. 

Thank you for visiting today.  Hope to see you tomorrow.

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