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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Ugly Truth

Secret #3
There are homes you run from and homes you run to.
                                                          Laura Cunningham

Time to face the ugly truth.  In our home chaos reigns. I want to run but who is willing to take in a not real old lady dragging a herd of animals? My sister, Joyce, on the other hand, has created a home that just oozes country charm.  When God handed out talent and creativity, she received a double portion.  She is one of those people that instinctively knows how to drape a piece of fabric, grow plants like it's a rain forest and paint her own pictures to hang on the wall.  She has the kind of cozy, comfortable home that you want to run to.  Apparently, she being the older one, depleted the gene pool of the best talent and I got what was left.  I'm not jealous.  No, really I'm not.  If I say it enough times, you might actually believe it.

Anyway, back to me. A sea of unfinished projects that are complete and beautiful in my creative mind but a very sad sight in reality loom like the monster in the closet.  So now I am ready to bare my shame before the world and share with you visual images of my good intentions lost in time to more pressing issues (like staying afloat in a world gone financially mad). So suspend your disbelief that one little not old lady could possibly cause such havoc and have a look in my not so hidden places. 

Even though our kitchen is smaller than any other room in our home (except the bathrooms), this is the heart of our home.  So this is the logical place to start because a healthy heart is vital to the workings of a healthy body or home. Don't I sound ever so wise?  It's all an illusion you know. Sorry,I digress or procrastinate  or simply lose my focus for a moment.  I'm told that can happen sometimes when your mind is saturated with so much information it just blinks for an instant.

Finish putting up trim in kitchen
 Next on my list are the kitchen cabinets. What a dreadful sight this is.  Well, at least I don't have any trouble finding anything with the doors off.  It also makes it easier to create a shopping list at a glance. 

O.K. now on to the ceiling throughout the house.  Don't judge me too harshly on this one because I first have to wet and scrape the popcorn ceiling off (nasty, nasty, nasty, messy, messy, messy) and then repaint with a light texture added to cover all the imperfections. Kinda sounds like having a facial scrub, huh?  
Clearly defined loss of motivation.
 In order to clear out the converted garage/garden room, the stuff had to go somewhere.  The barn is full so I had no choice but to dump it in the front yard until I can connect the new battery in the lawn mower and using my cart haul it up to the dumpster which is, of course, up by the aforementioned mailbox.  It looks like my house threw up in the front yard. Yuck! I expect Becky's friends from the EPA to declare us a Superfund Site at any moment.

This is only a fraction of the stuff from inside.  Also, have to finish putting up trim on porch and painting.
There is much, much more but I'm just exhausted looking at this list.  We will start tomorrow with what we have so far and see if it takes me to a good place or if it takes me back to Lowe's Home Improvement for more supplies and ideas.

Thank you for joining me today.  The adventure continues as we begin with finishing the kitchen cabinets and striving for a simple home that people want to run to.

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