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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Neti Pot 101

You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it.

I'm sure Rumi wasn't referring to a Neti Pot when this was spoken but I took it as a sign when I came across this today. In recent years, I have suffered from allergies which leads to sinusitis which leads to bronchitis which leads to pneumonia which leads to a very expensive doctor visit and medications.  It is a vicious cycle. 

However, the preventive medicine for this malady has been sitting in my medicine cabinet for over a year, the Neti Pot.  I have avoided using it because it involves water in my nose.  To me, a non-swimmer and scared to death of water up my nose, this was not my first choice in the "heal thyself" scenario.  It has come to my attention, after checking the cost of my last brush with an infection, this is less expensive and painful than a doctor visit (and my doctor uses it herself).

First, let's identify the source of my allergies.  Mm.....surely it can't be.......................cats and dogs?
It's not me. It's HIM!

It's not me.  It's HIM!

It's not me.  It's HIM!

It's not me.  It's HIM!

It's not me.  It's HIM!

It's not me. It's HIM!

It ain't easy being the only guy in a household full of women!
Upon discovering the possible source of my symptoms, I move on to the cure.  The Neti Pot box says "Allergy & Sinus Natural Relief ".  Now your talking.  Then it says "for nasal irrigation" as in nasal=nose and irrigation=water, therefore;  water up my nose.  Oh, boy! Oh, boy!  This ain't no cure for the faint hearted.

Upon opening  the box, I discover a small library of instructions enclosed.  Why can't they just say "mix the stuff in the pot and pour it up your nose?"  They lure you in with "nasal irrigation" and "sinus rinse". 
The dreaded Neti Pot.  Looks harmless enough, huh?
This is a five step process.  First read the Warning Before Using the Product.
Step One:  Wash hands and rinse pot.  Fill the pot with 8 ounces of warm distilled water. Hey, wait a minute!  If you can drown in less than an inch of water in the bathtub, why am I getting ready to pour 8 ounces of water up my nose? 
Step Two:  Put sinus rinse stuff in pot.  Place one finger over the hole of the cap and shake gently to dissolve mixture.
Step Three:  Stand in front of sink, lean forward and tilt head.  Sounds simple so far.  Without holding your breath and with mouth open, apply tip of device snugly against nasal passage and allow the  solution to gently flow until the solution starts draining from the opposite passage.  Ugh....gross.  It should not come in your mouth unless you are tilting your head backwards. (now they tell me). 
Step Four:  Gently blow nose.
Step Five:  Repeat steps 3 & 4 on other nasal passage.  Obviously, if you make it to this step, you didn't drown on step three.

The brochure says a lot of other stuff but this is the condensed version. If my family doesn't hear from me by noon, the first place to check for me will be leaning over the bathroom sink in a puddle of "Sinus Rinse".

Hope this will help you find a "natural" preventive cure for your allergy symptoms.  Natural healing is a staple in any Simple Living household.

Thank you for visiting today.  Hope I didn't bore you with the details.  But as they say "the devil's in the details".  One little detail omitted can change the outcome of a really great idea.

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