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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Eyes Hurt

Secret #4
 Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. 
                         Jamie Paolinetti

As usual, the day started early at our house even though we did sleep in until 6:30 a..m. this morning.  I'm ready to get started on the kitchen cabinets but first I have more purging to do in the garden room.  Becky would love to have a space to call her own for blogging and dreaming so we decide the new space we have carved out of the converted garage would be perfect.  One problem:

Mission Impossible?

After toiling for a couple of hours, we begin to see the possibilities.  My sewing and crafting area will face the wall (because I am easily distracted) and Becky's dreaming area will face the windows and the rainbow maker.  A coat of paint, a few more things moved out, peg board mounted on wall, shelving painted and rugs on the concrete floor (until we put down new floor covering) and it will be a place of peace and tranquility.  All of that was on my pre-existing list but not close to the top.  It got bumped.  But until then, this is the best we can do:

Is this picture blurry or do my eyes just hurt?

Then it's back to the cabinet project.  I wash a few doors with soap and water and wait for them to dry.

Molly supervises the gathering of supplies.

Note to self:  always clean pans and brushes immediately after using.

Apparently, my last painting venture was in yellow, now I have to waste time cleaning pan and brushes because I didn't take the time to do it once I had finished my project in yellow. I could just kick myself. 

 Becky will be using Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 One Coat Primer.

  The helpful salesperson at Lowe's had assured me that sanding first would not be necessary.  Wish we had known that before Becky sanded and cleaned all the rest of the cabinets except the doors. From dark, dreary brown to sparkling clean white, the kitchen is looking like something we could be proud of. 

Becky is amazed at how easy this project is now that she has the proper rollers and paint to do the job.  While she paints, I go to our scary barn to retrieve the rest of the cabinet doors.  Choking on dust and decaying spider guts, I carry the remainder of the doors to the porch.  These things will not enter my home until I have done some serious cleaning.
Just need time to take an allergy pill, and I'll be good as new.
While I'm waiting for my allergy medicine to kick in, I decide to try something my neighbors were telling me about.  Several months ago I paid a plumber $127.50 to unplug my kitchen sink. The sink is still draining just fine but the fear still lingers that one day it won't and I'll have to shell out the cost of a professional unstopper again.  My friend John (who owns an orchard) and my neighbor,Willis (who is a master gardener and cook extraordinaire), assure me that a package of yeast (As in bread -making, I ask? Their look of censure was an answer in itself) poured down the sink and flushed with hot water several times a month will prevent any stinky clogs.  O.K. Why not?  It's a whole lot cheaper than a plumber!  Will let you know how this works out for me.

Note to self:  Clean sink in spare time.
 Well, five cabinet doors left to prime and then I can begin the task of putting a final topcoat on.  Not bad for a days work.  My eyes still hurt (why were we born with sinuses?) but it's not from looking at my kitchen or the garden room.  After I partake of the delicious dinner Becky is preparing tonight, I think a good long soak in Epsom's salt and a good heaping helping of chocolate anything will fix me right up.  Limitations may only live in my mind but somebody better tell my aching muscles. 

Have a good evening and thank you for visiting.

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