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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slow Start to A Slow Day

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant."-  Anne Bradstreet

It is bitterly cold again today.  I really just wanted to stay snuggled in my bed with Sophie (c.a.t.) this morning but the smell of fresh brewed coffee enticed me to venture into the kitchen. 
Can I have breakfast in bed today?
Winter has just begun and already I am counting the days till spring (65 days).  There is something good about each season but sometimes I have to look harder in the winter.  I just stepped out to the porch for a moment and the sweet smell of firewood burning drifted through the air.  The stars are so bright this time of year and the air is fresh and brisk.  There was just enough sunshine today for my rainbow maker to project little colored lights throughout the garden room.  O.K. I guess it wasn't so bad after all.

Today, after my usual round of wiping, swiping, litter scooping, dish washing and never ending in and out for the dogs (they just want Becky's homemade dog biscuits for their trouble), I decorated a T-Shirt for Becky.  It is so easy to do.  First I wash the shirt.  Then I press it with the iron.  Now comes the fun part.
I create an image that Becky will love (Maggie) and print a mirror image.

Turn face down on counter top and iron (do not use ironing board).

My Bed.  My Hat. My Rules.
Maggie in her flannel jammies wearing her princess hat guarding against any c.a.t.s. that might want to get in her bed.
Yes, I do want to sleep with my princess hat on!  Don't touch it!!!

When all is said and done, it was a pretty good day for all of us.  Making vegetable lasagna for dinner tonight.  After watching The Beautiful Truth video that Becky posted today, I hesitate before I put the first bite of food into my mouth and think long and hard about what is in each ingredient.  Kinda makes you think, huh?

Thank you for checking on us today.  Simple Living goes on.

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