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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Afternoon in Keefeton, America

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. 
Joseph Addison
Well, another weekend is almost gone.  I have completed my shifts at the little store.  The time that I spend there is more like front porch visiting than work.  Most of the time, the pace is slow and easy, so I have plenty of time to do the necessary chores as well as catch up on what all my neighbors are up to. The hours fly by because I believe in staying busy.  Friends love to sit in the booths, read the Muskogee Phoenix Newspaper and discuss the issues. Believe all you hear at your own peril.  If I can't be right, then I'll be louder (definitely a political discussion). I love living in this rural community.  This is our country store:
Frank B. once referred to the store as "The Keefeton Learning Center".
Across the street from the store is the Keefeton Volunteer Fire Department and a sub-station of Tulsa Life Flight. No volunteer fire station could survive without the help of the Ladies Auxiliary.  They provide food and volunteer their time without complaint.  Everyone works very closely and truly care about the community. We are very fortunate to have these services in our area.

Keefeton Volunteer Fire Department (too big for one photo)

Other half of Keefeton Volunteer Fire Department

Life Flight-Keefeton, Oklahoma
And last but not least, my sometimes church.  Don't misunderstand, the Church building is always there but I am the sometimes part of the equation. Brother Danny and his lovely wife Sandra (sings like an angel) are a real asset to the community.  I don't see a lot of Brother Danny since he went to the beach (South Beach Diet).  I don't know if he went voluntarily or if Sandra tied him to the hood of the car and just took him (an intervention of sorts).  I now work Sundays so he reminds me that they have church on Sunday and Wednesday night as well.  Yeah, yeah.  I believe that he had a lot more material for his sermons when he had more time to visit with me at the store and see how my mind works (I told you my mind was a scary place even on the best of days).  I had the opportunity to ask all the burning questions that we would all like to ask regarding passages in the Bible (inquiring minds want to know).  He was ever so patient answering my many questions (I'd been saving these questions for years. Can't really raise your hand in the middle of a sermon and ask).  So, here is the Church:
Keefeton FreeWill Baptist Church

One final photo that incorporates store, church, fire station and life flight. (view from church parking lot).

I am so very blessed to live in such a place where "the salt of the earth", "good people" live.
When hard times come, these are the folks that will survive using their good ole country know how.
If we just remember, Simple Living is not just for hard times but for everyday living, then I believe we will find peace and a sense of balance in our lives.

Thank you for visiting today.  See you tomorrow for more Secrets of Simple Living.


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