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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Duct Tape & Baling Wire Repairs!

I have come to terms with the future.  From this day onward I will walk easy on the earth.  Plant trees.  Kill no living things.  Live in harmony with all creatures.  I will restore the earth where I am.  Use no more of its resources than I need.  And listen, listen to what it is telling me.
Tools of the trade for Simple Living
Even Harmony Acres is not exempt from the wear and tear of everyday living.  One doesn't just wave a magic wand and all things are beautiful (I tried that for years and it just doesn't work).  It takes hard work and ingenuity to keep things on track.  I certainly am not opposed to spending money when necessary.  The trick is knowing the difference between "just easier to buy a new one" and  "can be fixed with a little creativity". 
Things that have gone kaplooey (you probably won't find this word in the dictionary) and need to be replaced or repaired:

Vacuum Sweeper--Duct tape on top and bottom of canister to hold in place.  Hose thoroughly cleaned.  Filters cleaned.  Hit several times with a hammer for good measure.  Still has lost the will to suck.  O.K.  Have to replace!

Lawn Mower--blade has big chunks gone out of it from hitting mysterious hidden objects in yard.  Belt broken, blade won't engage even with WD 40 sprayed on it.  This one can be saved without duct tape.  Didn't hit it with a hammer.

Coffee Maker--just layed down and died.  Wanted to hit it with a hammer!  Have to replace!  Can not, can not start day without coffee. This is not a luxury at our house; this is a necessity. 

Greenhouse--frame broken in several places.  A little PVC pipe and duct tape and we're back in business.
How did people repair anything before duct tape came along?  Oh, yeah. baling wire.  Brother Dave is big on baling wire for repairs. The more rust on it, the better he likes it.  If his wife ever breaks a bone, he will probably want to set it with duct tape and baling wire. 

Loppers--won't lop anymore.  Lopped to many trees and branches.  Will try to sharpen.  I think I can save them.  No duct tape needed.

Right Ankle--has weird red knot growing on outside.  Quack doctor told me it wasn't broken a year and a half ago.  Me thinks he may have been wrong!  Will keep it anyway.  Might try duct tape.
What do you think? Broken or not?
Back Storm Door--is hanging together with duct tape and plastic trash bags.  Have to replace!  Spiders and snakes have easy access to house because bottom of door is gone.  I hate snakes!  Creepy, crawly, mean eyed things!

At this point, I think junk is junk.  Recycled & reused to death.
 Duct Work In Attic For Air Conditioner--aluminum tape (duct tape in disguise)?  Jury is still out on repair or replace on this one but I can assure you of this one thing:  I will not endure an Oklahoma summer without adequate air conditioning. (Been there, done that! Not going to happen again.  Hell is several degrees cooler than an Oklahoma summer, I'm told.)

Now that I have compiled my list, it's time to make a call to my long suffering big brother for help.  Being a not so middle aged woman, I do have some physical limitations.  Some days I can be Wonder Woman and some days I can't. 
Looking at my list, I realize that being single does have a few drawbacks  but on the whole it all balances out (the only dirty clothes I pick up are mine, the only whining I hear is mine, the only one I report my daily activities to is Becky).  See, I told you it balances out.  Having said all you can stand to hear for one day, let me leave you with this blessing: 
A Blessing for the Day
May the God of the dawn awaken you                         
May the God of sunrise stir you up                                     
May the God of morning bless your work
May the God of noon renew your strength
May the God of sunset bring you home
May the God of dusk soothe your soul
May the God of night bring you rest.

Adapted from a blessing by Andrew Greeley

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