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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Harmony Acres Wishes You A Happy Easter......He Is Risen!

"April rain is here again;
Hear it pitter, pitter, patter,
On the leaves and on the trees,
See it spitter, spitter, spatter.
Rain, oh rain, don't go away
We need you for flow'rs in May;
Drip, drip, drop and do not stop,
Send a little rain our way."
And it rained and it rained and it rained!  We have gone from drought to swim fins!  So it goes in Oklahoma.

The severe storms missed us again last night but it was close enough to drop some rain. Then it rained again this morning and this afternoon...... I was just meditating (smoking cigarette and drinking Dr. Pepper with two cats wrapped around my ankles) on the front porch.  Watching the rain bring much needed nourishment to Mother Earth, I could almost see everything turning a brighter shade of green and silently growing stronger.  What a blessing these showers are!  All things are at peace and Harmony Acres is thriving!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.  My boss and I are in negotiations  regarding closing the store till 1:00 p.m.  He and I attend the same Church (when I go) and I told him everyone needed to attend Church on Easter (sunrise service out at Spaniard Creek looking out over the water from cement bleachers, breakfast at Church, then Easter Program) and Christmas just to belie the rumors that one has died. 

When I had him on the ropes (your worst nightmare is an employee like me), I also reminded him that Hobby Lobby is Christian owed, prospering greatly and closes every Sunday.  Brother Danny (Preacher) came in the store today and I ratted my boss out.  Told him that a call from him would probably be more effective than my harping!  We'll see how it goes.  No matter what, we wish you a Happy Easter from our family to yours:
Izzie and I.
Becky and her twin Maggie.


Noah and Gigi

Mischief and Pickles
Grabby Britches

Molly arrived here with only one good eye.



Our Simple Living choice has brought us much joy and sheer pleasure in the small things. Next week I'm going to visit Herb A. and his family to see his custom design chicken coop.  Been thinking about getting some chickens............Can't wait to see what he has created (very gifted and ingenious family. Simple Living personified).

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