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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pillow Talk.....Then and Now

People who are sensible about love are incapable of it.  ~Douglas Yates

I fondly recall those distant memories of sharing a (as in one) pillow with a special person.  We would talk about everything and nothing.  Basking in the "afterglow"; soft words of love, comfort, joy and hope were lovingly whispered.  His hand lightly caressing my cheek. Well, that was then!

This is now: I sleep with my cat and half a dozen pillows.  A special one made  for people who sleep on their side with a little hole for your ear to snuggle into. I still like to have my ear snuggled, even if it is just a $20 pillow doing the snuggle thing.( I failed to take into consideration that even though I am a side sleeper, I am a left, right, front, back, on top of my head sleeper who  gets up several times during the night for a mad dash to the bathroom).  Then there is the temperature issue.  I stay overheated but more so at night (my internal thermostat stuck?) We will not use the M (menopause) word.  Actually, I don't get much sleep at night. Maybe that's why I am cranky sometimes. (Mood swings?). Say it ain't so Dr. Oz!
I also have a little eco friendly pillow that I rest my right wrist on at night (maybe carpal tunnel, maybe not).  Then there is the pillow stuffed into my lower back area (yes, my bad back).  Good grief, I'm depressing me. And you people over at "Go Ye Village Retirement Center" in Tahlequah need to quit sending me brochures.  I ain't ready yet!  Do they have inside information regarding my medical records, I wonder?  I repeat, I ain't ready! Send your brochure to someone older than me!  Your depressing me!
Tree Hug & Planet Love Organic Pillow Cover, 18x18, Multi          Ruffle & Rose Pillow Covers
Then there is the pillow I use to cushion my bum ankle.  No need to go on.  You get the idea.  Yes, I do still have some parts that work correctly and I can name them on one hand (not the carpal tunnel hand). However, some of my parts were surgically removed and I have no idea where they went (nor do I want to know).  You're in denial if you can't relate to anything I've said and you're over 40.
Cats Leave Pawprints on Your Heart Decorative Pillow
My "afterglow" is now a sunburn from trying to wrestle a few acres from the clutches of "wild America".
Product Details
Aloe Vera Plant:  Miracle Sunburn Healer

What a difference a few years makes (O.K. more that a few years but less that a half century). The only thing caressing my cheek now is Sophie's whiskers! 
Check out the whiskers on this lovable face! (Sophie)
Being older and single is glorious!  Some of my friends want to "fix me" because I'm not married (i.e. find me a husband).  Guess what folks?  Don't "fix me" cause I ain't broke and I haven't gotten lost!  I have adapted to Simple Living single style just fine, thank you very much! 

People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.  Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost. 
H. Jackson Browne

Just a quick update:  The prayer at the bottom of Thursday's post worked for our community.  I'm sure my prayer wasn't the only one sent up that night, but God heard them all and showed his Mercy.  When the huge line of dangerous storms arrived, they split and went around us on both sides as if God himself reached down and parted the clouds!  I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer and give thanks to My God for his grace and love.

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