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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Daughter Is A Gift Of Love

Who can describe the transports of a beam truly parental on beholding a daughter shoot up like some fair and modest flower, and acquire, day after day, fresh beauty and growing sweetness, so as to fill every eye with pleasure and every heart with admiration?

We have celebrated Becky's birthday for three days.  It's not polite to tell you how old she is but from my point of view, she ain't old
It all started with an afternoon shopping spree on Friday.  Now to most ladies, a shopping spree may indicate lots of new clothes, fancy shoes and matching accessories.  Not my Becky!  Our first stop was the library (no money spent there), then a clothing store for badly needed business clothing for several upcoming trips (very little money spent there), and a hair care salon (her hair is her one vanity, a little money spent). 

Then we were off to the mall to replace worn out  running shoes (upcoming 5K race in Tulsa). After the correct shoe was selected, we went to the checkout line.  To my delight, I ran into a friend from Indian Capital Vo-Tech.  They had extra coupons they didn't need, so they passed them on to us (a total savings of $15). 

Our last stop of the day was Lowe's Home Improvement Store (well, besides Braum's to pick up dinner because it's getting very late).  The first person we see as we enter the outdoor living area is Brother Dave. His wife, Vicky, is  wandering around with her sister Jamie and brother-in-law Richard "somewhere" we are told.  Hugs all around and a gift of cash for Beck's birthday. A little chit-chat (O.K. I can't do just a little chit-chat. It might have been a long conversation) and we are off to make our selections.  Ten beautiful bushes, a couple of perennials, and some peonies later we are ready to checkout and go home to eat.  Yes, Becky did spend the bulk of her birthday cash for plants.  She has an environmental degree, what do you expect her to buy? Clothes? I think not!

 The next two days were spent working in the yard.  Simple Living at it's very best. Using a bow saw (she is reconsidering the chainsaw ban), she cut down what seemed like a forest to make way for four of the bushes. Our outback neighbors   (a wonderful couple, still in love after all these years) stopped by to see if we could help them move a cabinet in their workshop. Easy task and then we're back to work.  Two more bushes went in the front yard to balance out the one bush we bought years ago.  It is now 3:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon.  The dogs are mad at us because we worked through lunch (time ceases to exist when doing something you love).  They have a schedule, you know, and don't like to be kept waiting for food or treats (mortal human sin at our house). 

God never makes mistakes! He certainly knew what he was doing when he gave me this daughter.  She has given me strength when I was certain I had none left.  She brings me joy and happiness every day of my life.  She has an uncanny insight into my soul.  She is wise when I am foolish.  She is all the good and wonderful things that I can only strive to be.  She is a delightful combination of beauty, intellect, ambition and unselfishness.  Who could ask for anything more? Thank you God for your gift of love.

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